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Things to do in Tokyo Nature and Outdoors It may be a metropolis famed for skyscrapers and high-rises, but Tokyo has an amazing variety of outdoor escapes and countless parks to choose from. You can even turn it into a weekend if you want to get back to nature for a night or two with these great camping spots. Looking for more of a challenge? And finally, the parks and gardens —there are dozens, and with relaxed laws on drinking and barbecues, you can enjoy them to their fullest just remember to take your garbage home. You can find the best spots for picnics , barbecues , and even enjoy performances at Yoyogi Park —perfect for any sunny afternoon in the busy city. Photo by amespiphoto Temples and Shrines In amongst the tower blocks and skyscrapers, Tokyo has its fair share of stunning shrines and temples and they can be a great way to see the contrasting cultures Japan embodies. With possibly the biggest contrast, the beautiful Meiji Jingu is minutes away from the crazy streets of Harajuku and is a welcome escape through tree-lined paths to a place that feels a million miles away. Sensoji is the oldest as well as one of the most visually impressive temples—located in Asakusa—and is host to numerous food stalls in summer as well as being lit up dramatically at night. For the quieter more relaxed experience, Nezu Jinja is a lovely Kyoto-esque shrine with beautiful gardens and a great place to escape the hustle and bustle. As well as the more peaceful examples of traditional Japan, there are some more riotous options—namely the festivals, and there are hundreds.

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Here’s what to expect if you’ll be in the city come December 25th. Selena Hoy December 08, For Tokyo residents themselves, the Christmas holiday can be a bit of a letdown. There are no days off, no big family gatherings, no course meals, and no bickering over board games or which TV programs to watch. Instead, it’s business as usual, with shops and restaurants open, and little fanfare by way of season’s greetings.

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Most foreign friendly nightlife scene in Tokyo Notes: Predrink at or Familymart convenience stores with friends The nightlife in Tokyo is vibrant, sexy and goes on until the early hours and what better than to experience this with the best nightlife hostess in Tokyo. Places Amazing bar hidden in a side street of Roppongi to meet many great locals map 2. Jumanji 55 Great bar to start of the night. This place gets really busy during the weekend map 3. Propaganda Bar Solid place to end the night, the people behind the bar are insane map Tiffany Rossdale invited me to party with her friends in Roppongi starting off at club Jumanji 55 in one the many alleyways.

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When I asked him if he sees any difference in approaching Japanese women or Western women, he answered: The difference is that you MUST approach them. And if a Japanese woman approaches you as a gaijin, just run as fast as you can! Be prepared for a lot of disappointment. A lot of disappointed male gaijin are just waiting for a chance with you! When approaching women, guys often are afraid of being embarrassed or publicly rejected.

Japan vacations Experience the contrasts of Japan, from modern Tokyo to traditional ryokans, on your tailor-made tour Japan’s distinct culture, futuristic cities and striking natural landscapes make it one of our most rewarding destinations.

In fact, Tokyo is perfectly suited to solo travel and we’re here to tell you why. Read on for some great tips and advice. Satish Krishnamurthy via Flickr cc Solo traveling is pretty in vogue these days, a choice that allows you to go at your own pace, indulge your own interests and embrace a luxurious selfishness. Going it alone in a city like Tokyo, however, is hardly a solitary experience.

Regardless, the city does cater to the solo adventurer particularly well. Japanese Hospitality Photo Credit: Cities such as New York and Paris have an unfortunate reputation for a certain coldness, an unfriendliness that could be offputting for a newcomer. Japanese cities are the opposite; the people are ever-welcoming, helpful and friendly. Granted, it is a strict requirement of service workers but the general attitude pervades. An important factor to keep in mind.

The Freelens via Flickr cc Safety is another important factor for the lone traveler and luckily, Tokyo is literally the safest city on earth.

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The Kabuki-za Theatre Share: Tokyo is home to a number of excellent theaters, none as well known as the historic Kabuki-za Theatre in the city’s busy Ginza district, home to famous traditional Kabuki performances. Based upon a medieval, highly skilled, and often burlesque theatrical form including song and dance, the theater’s performances are as popular among tourists as they are Japanese-speaking people. The drama and comedy are relatively easy to follow thanks to rich visuals and theatricality.

Below is a list of some of Tokyo’s most popular autumn color (koyo) spots with the approximate timings of the best viewing in the average year. Generally speaking, the colors in Tokyo are usually best from late November to early December. See also our nationwide list of koyo spots.

Follow on Instagram When to go to Tokyo Japan prides itself on its distinct four seasons, and these make Tokyo pretty much a year-round destination. That said, July and August can be overwhelmingly hot and humid, while the first few months of the year are often bone-chillingly cold, despite crisp sunshine. The best times of year weather-wise are spring, especially late April and early May, when the cherry blossom bursts into flower, and autumn, between September and December, when there are many warm, blue-sky days, plus the autumn leaves are at their most beautiful in November in particular.

Ideally avoid national holidays such as the first week of the New Year, when everything shuts down, and Golden Week, which normally spans the end of April and early May, the busiest time for domestic travel. Where to go First point to remember: Tokyo is not really a centralised city, more of an urban patchwork of distinct neighbourhoods.

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Hakone, Tokyo You will return to Tokyo by private line train today for your last night in Japan. Definitely take the opportunity to see any sights of the city you may have missed at the beginning of the trip.

See our full list of recommended hotels in Tokyo and also compare the prices with airbnbs in Tokyo Enter the world of Ghibli at the Ghibli Museum Source: The Ghibli Museum hence is a dream come true for such Ghibli lovers. Here, not only will you be able to experience a life in the Ghibli universe, you will also be able to view various blueprints and artifacts regarding the Ghibli studio history.

Advanced booking of tickets is required to visit the Ghibli Museum, which can be done so at their official website. Tabiness The National Art Center, Tokyo is conveniently located just 1 minute from Nogizaka Station of the Chiyoda Line and is a museum where you can not only indulge in the beauty of art and history, but also in great food! Grace Cathedral – where love is granted Source: Grace Cathedral starred in several famous dramas and movies and is known to be one of the symbolic sites for couples to visit.

The beautiful cathedral will be lit up at night, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples to take a stroll around the area. Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta – the best hotel for Disney lovers! At Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta, you can continue immersing yourself in the fantastic world of Disney. Located just 3 minutes from the Disneysea Station, this is one of the recommended hotels to stay in if you plan to visit the Disney Resort for several days.

The hotel is designed with a Disney theme and there are many Easter eggs within the hotel, such as hidden mickeys all over the place!

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Leave a comment Hello guys! For those who are curious about what kind of spots that usually be filled with couples in Tokyo, I hope that you can get the picture by reading this post! Moreover, I hope for the Japanese lovers, maybe this article could inspire you about the Tokyo romantic style that you often see in dorama, manga, or anime. So, off we go!

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Go Our expert guides to traveling in Japan Written by our specialists from the viewpoint of their own travels, these guides will help you decide on the shape of your own trip to Japan. Aiming to inspire and inform, we share our recommendations for how to appreciate Japan at its best. My travels in Japan, A short video showcasing some of the highlights of Japan, from the bamboo forests of Arashiyama and Shurijo Castle in Okinawa, to the bullet trains in Kyoto and Tenryu-ji Temple.

Japan What to do in Japan: Highlights of Japan Visiting Japan with your children Japan A futuristic and vibrant country, Japan is a destination that appeals to family members of all ages. Safe, clean and with a good infrastructure, there are plenty of ways to explore. Japan specialist, Jake, talks us through how to get the most of your family vacation in Japan. Visiting Japan with children Honeymoons in Japan Japan Honeymoon couples looking for a cultural adventure will be spoiled for choice in Japan.

Country specialist, Layla, discusses some of the highlights for those wishing to honeymoon here. Japan specialist Henry shares the highlights of each time of year to help you decide when to visit Japan.

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