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The upcoming episode of Running Man will feature a race to be the Queen of Chobok chobok is the hottest day of the summer just in time for summer. Rumor has it that the bright and bubbly girl group members in the opening turned the show on its head with their surprising strength and wrestling skills. The girls will show their competitive spirit until the final mission, which will take place on a waterpark ride. Tune in on July 12 to find out who will be crowned the Queen of Chobok! Lee Min Ho was spotted in sunny Los Angeles, being a tourist and, of course, surfing. The actor included the captions, reminiscing about the hit drama, ” actorleeminho huntington theheirs tani intwoyears surfing” and “actorleeminho huntington theheirs tani intwoyears tourist” with the picture perfect photos. In the latest episode, Hong Jin Ho and Lady Jane went to the top of a clock tower, overlooking an amazing view. Are we really doing this? They get on the elevator which starts to get more and more crowded as people get on the lift. He”s seen wearing a suit with a bright colored necktie and handkerchief or is wearing a checked grey suit which makes him look soft and dandy.

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As the current workload increase, it is hard to deny that I would need to de-stress after a long day at work. Some of the recent dramas airing or have completed airing can be pretty heavy stuff. When Sung Joon was younger, he was fat and ugly.

Sistar (Hangul: 씨스타, often stylized as SISTAR) was a South Korean girl group formed in by Starship Entertainment. The group consisted of Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. [1] [2] [3] Their debut studio album So Cool was released on 9 August

Posted by beansss Monday, October 1, Soyu is against going public with her dating relationships because she wants to continue doing collaboration music In light of her solo comeback set for release in just 2 days, Soyu opened up about her music, comparisons with Hyorin, differences between her former group SISTAR and solo, and more. Soyu takes you through ‘All Night’ MV filming During her interview, Soyu said about the topic of dating, “Fall is the season of farewells, right?

I can physically feel the loneliness, and I love that. If the opportunity arises, I want to date. However, I do not want to date publicly. I’ve heard so many things from others who have dated publicly in the past. When someone asks, ‘Isn’t it more comfortable to date publicly? But when I ask friends in my age group, they say that it becomes even more difficult to go around dating.

I also think that it will make me feel uncomfortable if my name became a persistent tag for my boyfriend. I want to continue making various collaboration tracks, so I do not prefer to date publicly,” the singer revealed. Meanwile, Soyu is making a comeback with her 1st solo album part. Fresh’, this October 4.

SISTAR ending their SO COOL promotions~

This year, however, has shown the growth of one particular trend in collaborations — K-POP and Korean hip-hop. To better explain this trend, I will outline ten songs released between early last year up till now early March and explain the foundations behind these collaborations, as well as reactions to the songs. Minah was chosen for her sweet vocals, while DinDin for his charismatic rapping.

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Aug 1, The image shows the young celeb holding his hands to his face with the thumb on his tongue and the little finger on the forehead, which has a negative meaning in Korea. The gesture is mostly used by elementary and high school students to prove their innocence and earn the trust of their friends, but it directs to the characteristics of one’s mother.

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Chung Ang University, acting major Family: Parents and older brother Hobby: Swimming, playing basketball, and watching plays Talent agency: After Hyun Bin performed in the school play he realized that acting was his calling and that he wanted to pursue it as a career. One day, while riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle, a man shouted to them to stop. The man, who worked for a talent management agency, then gave Hyun Bin his business card and told him to call him.

Hyun Bin made his debut in with his first movie ‘Shower’. In Hyun Bin comeback made his debuted in television drama ‘Bodyguard’ and sitcom ‘Nonstop 4’.

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BESTie It is the battle of the summer songs. On the right corner we got the quartet that is breaking ground in sex appeal. On the left corner we got another quartet that is known for their sex appeal. In the middle we got a new set of quartet that is gaining love from their sex appeal. Did you see what I did there?

SISTAR (Hangul: 씨스타) adalah girlband Korea Selatan di bawah manajemen Starship Entertainment. Sistar terdiri dari Hyorin, Bora, Soyu and Dasom. Pada 3 Juni , mereka merilis singel debut yang berjudul “Push Push” dan memulai debutnya di KBS Music Bank.

June 4th, Music Bank Biography Quote: Girlband ini berkarya di bawah label Starship Entertainment. Awal terbentuknya band ini adalah ketika pihak JYP Entertainment melakukan audisi untuk membentuk sebuah band baru. Hyorin telah mengaikuti audisi sebanyak dua kali sampai akhirnya dia diterima sebagai salah satu musisi bertalenta. Awalnya dia berencana mengawali debutnya dalam grup trio bersama Min missA dan Jieun Secret.

Namun rencan tersebut gagal karena dia dikeluarkan dari label. Rupanya keberuntungan berpihak padanya karena dia akhirnya diterima oleh label tersebut. Akhirnya dia digabungkan dengan member lainnya dan terbentuklah Sistar. Single tersebut resmi dirilis pada 1 Juni Ternyata sambutan dari para penggemar bisa dikatakan cukup antusias. Mereka bahkan sempat berkolaborasi dengan Super Junior.

SISTAR talk about dating prohibition + being asked out by a French man

During training Bora has lost 8kg. Soyou had dreaming to sing a song together with the stars of his agency. Soyou loves to read comments of fans on the Internet.

Lucy Hale recently confirmed she is dating Graham Rogers and said they ‘are having a good time’. And that seemed to be an understatement as the hot new couple took to the shores of Hawaii on Sunday.

Debut, finding success with So Cool, Alone and Loving U[ edit ] Sistar performing at the Daejon University Festival in Sistar began their group activities early in with commercials and magazine photoshoots. The music video featured Super Junior member Kim Heechul. During the middle of their performance, member Bora suddenly fell onstage, fracturing her thumb. This prompted the other members to stop singing and assist her off the stage with the help of staff.

Several minutes later, Bora returned to stage along with the other members to finish filming their performance. The video went viral on the internet and was featured on G4’s online show Attack of the Show! The mini-album contained the title track, “Loving U”, produced by Duble Sidekick , one new song “Holiday” and remixes of the groups’ past hits. On 3 June , teaser photos featuring members Dasom and Bora were released. Following day, Sistar released photo teasers of all the members for Give It to Me and revealed that they will have a Moulin Rouge theme.

A video teaser for “Give It to Me” was released on 6 June. Sistar’s second studio album, Give It to Me , was released on 11 June with the title track of the same name. The album debuted at number four on Gaon Music Chart.


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Free download Soyu (SISTAR) & Mad Clown – 착해 빠졌어 (Stupid In Love) # mp3 or listen online music.

Kyonggi University, Department of electronic digital music Family member: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing, swimming, Health, Basketball, Soccer Talents: You can only live once Debut Date: He a prominent style icon in Korea and winning multiple icon awards. Because of this, his school grades suffered whereas before he was a diligent student in elementary school and received high scores. During Kim Hyun Joong ‘s late teen years, he felt the subjects he was learning in high school were useless for his life and consequently decided to drop out of high school.

He dropped out of school and he decided to become a singer. While working part time jobs, Kim Hyun Joong had follow auditions, he become a member of boy band SS

[Star Date] Bora & Dasom of ‘SISTAR’