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Tournament season is here and the Spartans now have eyes set on the regional tournament in Baraboo this weekend. Holmen is the heavy favorite to leave Baraboo as team champions with Baraboo, Sparta and Tomah expected to be in a fierce battle for second. Holmen leads all teams with nine ranked wrestlers while the rest of the regional field has 10 ranked wrestlers combined. Weight classes , , , , , and all feature two ranked wrestlers while , , , and all feature one ranked wrestlers. There are no ranked wrestlers at or The top four finishes at each weight class will advance to sectionals next Saturday in Waunakee. Action begins 10am Saturday at Baraboo High School. Below are a few of the matches against regional competition from the season… Bi-State Sparta finished Sparta and Holmen met for the 37th time Thursday evening, but it was the first time these longtime rivals battled with one ranked atop the Wisconsin high school wrestling world.


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So here it is. My top ten favorite vampire-centric series. Already, I have a confession. I tried to number them in order of favorites, but really, that was too hard since I liked so many of them equally. Oh and, yeah ok, I also cheated cause there are more than 10 this is also a discussion on my Facebook page , so comment here, or join me there, and maybe we can change this list even more!

This is one series that I can easily read again and again. Each one has a personal struggle, and getting past their emotional barriers is hard work, but oh so worth it! My mom likes Rehv most hee hee! I find that so funny. Then, tell me who your favorite is. Eric weaned me off of Twilight. From sweet and innocent to bad-ass and hungry, my vampire tastes have changed significantly because of Eric. Greek gods and goddesses and then some other gods on top of that , shifters, demons and humans and again, swoon-time!

I lived in this world for a few weeks, and loved every moment of it.

NFL star Aaron Rodgers wasn’t enough to convert Danica Patrick’s family into Cheeseheads

It seems to be the same story in Hollywood circles. Some of them you probably knew about, others will surprise you. By the time Heather turned nine, the Graham fam had made a home in Agoura Hills, California where she would eventually find her way into acting. In the movie, Lorraine happened to have recently moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin.

Despite the sassy roles, Heather Graham is generally viewed as a very all-American girl-next-door kind of actress. We like to think her time in Wisconsin had something to do with that.

Men’s Drink Wisconsinbly Cheesehead T-Shirt. The world’s best cheese, America’s best beer, it all comes from the same place. And where’s that? Wisconsin, the greatest state in the continental 48!

Among the many impressive accomplishments of these years was the Packers’ streak of 30 consecutive home games without defeat, an NFL record which still stands. Hutson claimed 18 NFL records when he retired in , many of which still stand. He purchased a large lodge near Green Bay for team members and families to live. Rockwood Lodge was the home of the Packers, though the and seasons produced a record of , and was even worse at The lodge burned down on January 24, , and the insurance money paid for many of the Packers’ debts.

Few suspected the hiring represented the beginning of a remarkable, immediate turnaround. After winning their first three, the Packers lost the next five before finishing strong by sweeping their final four. The Packers claimed that they did not “lose” the game, they were simply behind in the score when time ran out.


You know those people who wear foam cheese wedges on their head? Cheesehead-hat-hair is the bane of my existence. I am a proud Wisconsin dairy farmer, a mom and a wife. I love cheese and beer. When I die I hope to have pre-written one of those funny obituaries that goes viral.

May 10,  · With more than million unique visitors over the last year, Practical Machinist is the most visited site for metalworking professionals. Practical Machinist is the easiest way to learn new techniques, get answers quickly and discuss common challenges with your peers.

Screw — A screw is a type of fastener, sometimes similar to a bolt, typically made of metal, and characterized by a helical ridge, known as a male thread or just thread. A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a nail, some screw threads are designed to mate with a complementary thread, known as a female thread, often in the form of a nut or an object that has the internal thread formed into it. Other screw threads are designed to cut a groove in a softer material as the screw is inserted.

The most common uses of screws are to hold objects together, a screw will usually have a head on one end that contains a specially formed shape that allows it to be turned, or driven, with a tool. Common tools for driving screws include screwdrivers and wrenches, the head is usually larger than the body of the screw, which keeps the screw from being driven deeper than the length of the screw and to provide a bearing surface. The cylindrical portion of the screw from the underside of the head to the tip is known as the shank, the distance between each thread is called the pitch.

Another rule is this, curl the fingers of right hand around the screw with your thumb pointing is the direction you want the screw to go. If the screw is right-handed and you turn the screw in the direction of your fingers the screw will move in the direction of your thumb, Screws with left-hand threads are used in exceptional cases.

For example, when the screw will be subject to counterclockwise torque, the right side pedal of a bicycle has a left-hand thread.


Likes Received Anvils with welds at the “waist” of the body were forge welded. The forge weld was made under steam hammers. I am unfamiliar with Trenton anvils, however, a lot of older anvils Hay Budden, Peter Wright coming to mind were made with wrought iron bodies.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Toronto-based KinkySdollS had deliberate to open a Houston location, the place clients might each purchase “adult love dolls” and .

WisDOJ was investigating the illegal leak to the Guardian of confidential details from the investigations, and in January, it had ordered that all John Doe records be turned over immediately. Yet this unexpected trove appeared four months later. The new evidence included three hard drives, 10 optical disk drives, a thumb drive, and paper files, which contained nearly , private emails and text messages collected from Republican political aides and staffers between and Among the millions of pages were discussions of the most personal nature—Wisconsin GOP staffers talking with family members about illness, helping friends through precarious relationships, and discussing money troubles with their spouses.

Not knowing government bureaucrats were monitoring their discussions, some saved sensitive passwords in Gmail accounts; others sent pictures of themselves trying on clothes to friends and asked how they looked. The John Doe investigations have been a fixture of Wisconsin politics and courts for more than half a decade. Originating in with a request from Milwaukee County executive Scott Walker—who was running for governor—to investigate some missing money in his own office, they metastasized into a series of wide-ranging witch hunts used to harass and intimidate conservatives.

The Wisconsin law, dating to , was intended to protect the identities of those being investigated. Yet the inquiries into Walker and his supporters achieved the exact opposite effect. While confidential details about Republicans leaked freely to the media, those under investigation were barred from defending themselves.

Dutch men don’t flirt

Feds accuse Giuliani of undermining officials in Turkish banker case March 31, The Knicks took care of the rest. When Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg Despite dropping de Blasio, feds still after public official tied to investor March 31, John Tavares goes down in heap as Islanders cling to hope March 31, After plunging in the standings following an

This Site and the Italian city to view our free mobile app, our online Antique Quilt Gallery where you can even help you and help embed and integrate the web world being chosen for EXO-M his attitude was oxford dating site.

Dutch men Everybody who has ever lived in the Netherlands or has dated Dutch men, seems to have an opinion about Dutch men. On websites, forums and blogs, complaints about the boys from Holland are running wild: They lack necessary skills in flirting, let their agendas rule their love lives and are so enthusiastic about feminism, a girl is likely to pay her own bill when on a date with a Dutch guy. Dutch guys like shopping Discovery channel found out Dutch men really enjoy shopping for groceries.

Moreover, they enjoy doing this together with their partner. Dutch men are vain The same research concluded that Dutch men are vain. However, they spend as little as 3 minutes looking at the mirror. Vain maybe, but Dutch men are actually quite insecure about their looks. But they do use a lot of beauty products. What do Dutch men look for in a woman? According to a questionnaire of Dutch news paper De Volkskrant , the eyes of a woman are most important to Dutch men. Second come breasts and bottom.

Intelligence is the most important feature of in a woman.

Dating Slightly Younger Men :

Luger threads, Imperial or Metric? Just a few Questions: Unless one has a Microscope Thread Angle Optical Gauge, there is NO way of ascertaining the 55 degree angle or 60 degree either on such a small diameter screw.

I found my perfect Cheesehead match some twenty years ago pre internet which means your local bar back then. Now there is more options opened up on the world of the web. So have some fun and find your cheesehead mate.

Did you deny such a thing even exists? Some of us truly believe the way we speak here in the Badger State is the correct way to speak. Of course, there are some things we are right about, including words which we have the authority to decide the pronunciation. However, most of us pronounce it like Wuh-Skaaaahn-sin. The Wisconsin Englishes Project WEP , is a group of faculty, staff, and students around Wisconsin who study our unique language patterns. WEP was formed in and the group aims to understand regional differences in English across our state — including its distinct vocabulary, pronunciations, idioms and ethnic influences, among other things.

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